Define guestlist rules so that your partners can add and manage the specified number of visitors. Enjoy an elegant solution for guestlist collection preventing endless Excel and email merging.

  • Complex tablet-based solution for attendee list
  • Elegant solution for guestlist collection and endless excel and email merging
  • Create guestlist, define how many visitors is the partner allowed to add and leave the rest for them
  • Effectively prevents haggling with partner tickets
  • Ability either to only add the attendee or to send him/her a RSVP invitation
  • Tabled attendee list software, solution worthy of this era

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Best and greatest events running on the INVITON platform and organizers who use our services - Ticket Sales, Visitor Registration, or Access Control:

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INVITON - a new platform for organizing events where you can manage everything by yourself. Try it :-)

The basic features and benefits that INVITON users are most using:

  • New event in 15 minutes
  • Sell ​​ticket online
  • Access control
  • Guests registration
  • On-site print
  • Graphic
  • Real-time reports
  • Dynamic registration forms
  • Discount codes
  • On-site ticket sales
  • Email invitations
  • Guestlists

INVITON is a self-service online event organizer platform, where you can set up everything by yourself . Only a ticket fee or additional services is applicable. You can also purchase the entire platform as a standalone license.

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New event in 15 minutes

New event in 15 minutes Event management and ticket sales can be easier than ever before. Creating your own event, setting your ticket price and launching sales takes just a few minutes . You can test everything for free after clicking on create an event.

Access control

Access control On event, you can check tickets using your mobile phone with the iOS / Android app, and you can do access control to multiple zones. Both online and offline ticket validation, RFID tracking for visitors and a cashless credit system are available. We also hire powerful QR code scanners .

Guests registration

Guests registration Register and manage guests on multiple devices in real time . Identification is possible by scanning or by finding a visitor in the list. Mobile app is available for iOS / Android.

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